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Shang Dynasty Bronze Art Facts

Shang Bronze Dragon Statue
Shang Bronze Statue


The Shang Dynasty is when the Chinese Bronze Age began and this period produced some of the most beautiful bronze works of art the world has ever seen. The lists of interesting information and facts below will be of interest to kids and adults who want to learn about the amazing bronze art of the Shang Dynasty.

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Basic Shang Dynasty Bronze Art Facts

Method Used to Create Shang Dynasty Bronze Art

The people of the Shang Dynasty reached a level of bronze casting seen nowhere else in the world at that time. The Chinese artisans of the Shang Dynasty utilized a method called piece-mold casting to produce their beautiful bronze works. The basic steps of this method are as follows:
  1. Make a clay model of the object being created (for example a mask).
  2. Wait for the clay model to harden.
  3. Press soft clay around the hard clay mold (creates a negative impression of the object).
  4. Remove the outer clay in carefully cut pieces (thus the name piece-mold) to create casting molds.
  5. The original clay model is then shaved down in order to create a core piece.
  6. The pieces are reassembled around the core that was just shaved. This results in a thin gap between the core and outer wall.
  7. Molten bronze is poured into the gap between the core and the outer wall.
  8. After the bronze cools and hardens the outer wall and core are broken and the bronze object is released.
  9. The bronze object is polished to produce the final work of art.