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Shang Dynasty Facts

Shang Warrior
Shang Warrior

Shang Dynasty Introduction

Following China's first dynasty, the Xia Dynasty, and ruling over China for over 500 years were the emperors of the Shang Dynasty (also called Yin Dynasty). Exactly when this ancient Chinese culture began and when it ended is not clear. Traditionally the reign of this great dynasty was believed to be from 1766 BC to 1122 BC; however some historians now believe a more accurate range is from 1556 BC to 1046 BC. While the exact dates of the Shang Dynasty are not known there is much information we do know about this early Chinese society. Below we list many interesting Shang Dynasty history facts; some of which come from archaeological discoveries and some of which have been documented in ancient text such as the Bamboo Annals. As in trying to understand many ancient civilizations it is often difficult to distinguish true facts from legends and fables.

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List of Shang Dynasty Facts