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Terracotta Warriors - Introduction

On March 29th of 1974 in Xi'an China three farmers, who were drilling holes in search of an area to dig a water well, found several pieces of terracotta statues. Instead of finding a location for their new well they had made one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries of all time. What they had accidentally found was a huge collection of life-size ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors (Terracotta Army) and other statues and artifacts that had been buried along with the Qin Dynasty Emperor Qin Shi Huang some two thousand years earlier. Soon after the farmers found these fragments a team of Chinese archaeologist began excavating the area eventually unearthing thousands of life-size terracotta statues and numerous other artifacts. The list of interesting kid-friendly facts below supplies information about this incredible discovery including why these statues were made and exactly where they were found.

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Interesting Terracotta Warriors Facts